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As a psychotherapist for thirty-five years, I tap into the wisdom of psychology in color and design to make

playful and uplifting patterns.

The back story

In my private practice, I often drew pictures for my clients to help them understand psychological concepts. My clients found that really useful. So I developed a deck of hand drawn mindfulness tool cards which I began selling. I created more mindfulness products like gratitude cards and gratitude coasters. My spiritual soul sister, Maggie happens to be a graphic designer who helped me.  I was fascinated by Illustrator and the design process. 

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A couple of things happened that changed my life:

1. I realized I didn't want to have closets full of inventory, troll for stars and           reviews and be a marketing monkey.

2. I taught myself Illustrator

3. WHAAAT?! Surface pattern Designing is an actual job?!

Instantly smitten, I simultaneously leapt, lurched and launched

into a new career.

Now I dream in patterns, refer to my work as play and I am endlessly inspired by flowers, fruits, bugs, animals, leaves, trees, textures, shapes, and colors. 

I live and play in Vermont. My two sons are trying out as adults, I have a lovely husband and my sweet dog sugar is an undercover angel.

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